We provide only the highest quality kiln related services.

Belting & Baffling System

The sawmills are seeing four or more hours savings in drying of their White fir/Hemlock and their Doug/Fir is seeing a three hour savings. After the installation of the High temp Baffle. Eliminates most of the twist on the top course of the units Improving the recovery of lumber. Helps control air flow to the tops of the units. Maintenance free kilns by eliminating the raising and lowering of old baffles before and after loading the Dry Kiln. The change over process is minimized due to the installation of our high temp baffle. The installation of this system eliminates the safety concerns associated with dropdown baffles


We offer a wide size variety of wall, roof, end wall and man-door panels. All are made with a high temperature insulation to withstand the kiln environment. We also build custom kiln doors to any size frame. In addition, we offer kiln door seals that are built to last and will keep necessary air from escaping.

Kiln Coating

We offer three types of protective coating to meet your kiln application.Water Based, Oil Based and Silver based. This helps to protect the inside of your dry kiln structure from the corrosive environment that it's in. Each type of coating offers a different protective advantage to your kiln.

Kiln Maintenance

If you are experiencing any issues with your kiln, our team at SB Kiln can help. If you need a part then we can supply it. Need us to install that new part? We can do that too. Regardless of the kiln needs, we can help.